So maybe you don’t know much about super Mario Bros… I don’t neither.

I’m just like you, I played each and every mario bros game, at list once. And I’m still amazed how every element of the game is part of a whole, taken separately it would not have much sense but all together it works wonderfully, and it’s definitely what makes the Mario serie amazing. I’m still fascinated how a concept turns into a great gaming experience, even years later.

A Cap on the head of an italian plumber proudly showing off with a mustache and there it is, it cannot be mistaken with anyone else: “It’s A me Mario!”. So maybe you don’t know much about super Mario Bros… And honestly, I don’t neither. But, I thought it could be interesting to find-out what others don’t know about him and how it is comprehended.

Discovering this video game character through drawings and paintings is one way to define and meet such a celebrity. On this website, you’ll find only high quality artworks from famous artists who share their interest about mario bros, life, and video games characters related to the Mario Bros. serie in general. This website is made to keep track of all the artists who have worked hard to make valuable piece of art.

I Hope everyone from artists to visitors will enjoy these great artworks, as much as i do myself.

Title, author and Credit is given for each image and a link is pointing to each and every artist’s websites.

Jean-Hugues Bretin is a regular guy who thinks Miyamoto is a great video game creator (the greatest?!) You can learn more about him on the following website : Seo Manager

Thanks to all of you.

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